Development of local manufacturers

One of IMB Center's main workstreams is the development of the capacities and capabilities of local manufacturers.

Center consolidates the Operators' demands data, identifies priority types of goods and their technical requirements. IMB Center analyzes the capabilities of local manufacturers, compliance of the manufactured goods in accordance with technical requirements of the Operators, prepares recommendations on capacity development for successful participation in the procurement of the Operators.

Key stages of the capacities development of local manufacturers


Analysis of existing manufacturers by Commodity groups. Conducting site visits to their production facilities.

Technical assessment

Assessing production capabilities, completing the QMS, HSE checklists. Identification of manufacturers producing goods in relatively high demand by Operators.

Gap analysis

Identifying production gaps and necessary measures to align with Operators' technical requirements, communicating available support measures, scenario analysis.

Gap closure

Should the manufacturer agree, a capacity development plan is developed and assistance is provided to close the identified gaps.

Recommendations to Operators

Recommendation of the manufacturer to Operators as a potential supplier that meets their technical requirements.

The main goal of the capacity development plan is to address one of IMB Center's objectives in increasing the in-country value of oil and gas machine building goods, manufactured in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Useful information for local manufacturers

For detailed information on Operators' demands and priority goods, you may follow the provided link.

See the priority goods